Irkutsk - Fort Ross

USA 1999

Members of the expedition to California

In Moscow

First steps in California

California, 07.10.99

California, 07.11.99

California, 07.12.99

California, 07.14.99. Environmental Day.

California, 07.15.99

California, 07.16.99

California, 07.17.99

California, 07.19.99

California, 07.20.99

California, 07.21.99

California, 07.24.99. Living History Day.

California, 07.25.99

California, 07.26.99

California, 07.27.99

Sorry, but some photos are without comments and, maybe, with incorrect authorship...
I have no information, only photos :((
Thanks to Breck Parkman and Sheryl Cowan (Neo) for most of captions.

Valery Emelyanov, acting web-master

More photos of the expedition available at the Fort Ross Global Village

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