Irkutsk - Fort Ross


In Moscow
Photo by E.Emelyanova, Russia

Red Square
Photo by E.Emelyanova, Russia

Meeting in Moscow
Photo by S.Matveyeva, Russia

With the Zabarinsky family
Photo by S.Matveyeva, Russia

In Moscow
Photo by E.Emelyanova, Russia

Waiting for a visa :((
Photo by E.Emelyanova, Russia


1. MQSCOW.KREMLIN, the 30th of June, 1999
"IRKUTSK-FORT ROSS " CLUB at the ancient land of Russia. At the times of exploring new lands G.I.Shelikhov was begging the permission from Catherine the Great for a voyage to America. After more than 200 years Irkutsk Interpretives of the history of Russian America ask the same permission but from the American Ambassy- to give visa for the flight to the same place- to America, Fort Ross...
All our friends in America and Russia are trying to help us sending lots of e-mail letters and making calls to the American Consulate.
We hope for the best...

2.Donskoy Monastery (XIV-XV century).Moscow.
It is suppoused to be the place where is Natalya Alexeevna Shelikhova's grave is situated)
The interview to Russian TV Program "VESTY", given together with the President of the History-Educational Centre "Russian America" - Vladimir Georgievich Kolychev.
The Moscovites are at the head of the group of pilligrimes who are going to Arhangelsk through 14 cities of Aciant Russia.They are going by land the same rout as Russian marin-travellers made on thier way to America. They have the icon of Smolenskaya Virgin which was blessed in Donskoy Monastery and they've got a good-will for a travelling

3.Looking through the family papers with the step-daughters of the Rotchevs - Elena and Alexender - at Moscow appartment of Svetlana Pavlovna and Ludmila Pavlovna Zabarinskaya.

4.Having dinner at the family of Zabarinsky (the brunch of the daughter Olga Alexandrovna who was born on American continent).

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