Irkutsk - Fort Ross

Zhenya Zavadsky

About myself.

My first name is Zhenya. My last name is Zavadsky. I am 15. I'm in the 10th form. I was born in 1984. I learn in the linguistical class in lyceum N3. I live in a big and good flat in Irkutsk. We are an average russian family. There are three of us: my father, my mother and me. I have neither a sister nor a brother. I have got a grand father and grandmother. They don't live with us, but we come often to see them.
I am tall. My hair is short and dark. My eyes are big and brown. I have a straight nose.
I learn many interesting subjects at school. There are: English, German, History, Russian, Biology and others. I am fond of English. I like reading English books and learn easy poems. I have a hobby. My hobby is swimming. I go to the swimming pool twice a week. I have got many friends. And we always help each other.

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