Irkutsk - Fort Ross

Larissa Glatskova

My best wishes to those who have looked at our webpage!
My name is Larissa Glatskova. I am a teacher of Irkutsk school N44 in Siberia. I wrote about my life and now some new facts of my biography:

My daughter Maria is 19 now. She is a student of Eastern Faculty, her future profession will be an art-critic. She learns to paint and she is studying archaeology and history of cultures. She likes our project very much. It joins the people and cultures too. She likes hiking and music.
My son Denis finished 9th form. Now he is senior. He had exames and passed them successfully. He has a good time now, having rest with his friends - playing guitar and walking. He went to Baikal some days ago. It is great!

As for my journey - I'm hope the next information is expecting to be written later.

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