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Irkutsk - Fort Ross Club Summary

Constituent Assembly of Irkutsk - Fort Ross Club

Our Club Birthday is the 11-th of April, 1997. It was a great official meeting and took place at school #44 on the 11-th of April. There were some teachers, scientists, many students and volunteers. Hank Birnbaum from America (a ranger at Lake Baikal) was here and took the report about Fort Ross. Zhana Oseeva from Irkutsk, who took part in the February meeting at the Fort Ross Visitor Center, told us about her impressions of Fort Ross. Mark Sergeev, who is well-known writer from Irkutsk ( he used to be at Fort Ross ), told us about Nikolas I. Rokityansky and Victor P. Petrov. Olga Arbatskaya, who is the leader of Irkutsk Rotary Club, gave the information about the activities of her Club. Vadim Shakherov - a doctor of History from Irkutsk State University and the director of Irkutsk History museum and the president of our Irkutsk -Fort Ross Club, told us about Fort Ross History. Michael Aleshkevich - the principal of school # 24 and a member of Rotary Club, shared his impressions of the visit with the students from our school to Eugene -Oregon in 1990. Dagmara Grigorjevna - a teacher of geography from school # 44 collects the materials about Russian America many years. Oleg Bychkov - a very busy person and the main specialist of the future excavation of Voznesenskii Monastery spoke regarding his plans of work. Alexander Ruzhnikov from Shelekhov (near Irkutsk) - one of the leaders of old Shelekhov Club 'Nasledniki' and the expert in the research of the track of Grigory I. Shelikhov expeditions, told us about their expeditions. Elena Emelyanova and Larissa Glatskova - the teachers from schools coordinate the Global Village project in Irkutsk. And many students and volunteers...

We had a very productive discussion and a lot of ideas of our future work in Irkutsk. Some of them are: - to take part in the Conference which will be held in memory of G. Shelikhov (04/25/97); - to take part in the summer excavation of Voznesenskii Monastery (in June); - to make copies of unknown portraits of some reach people from Irkutsk of the XVIII-th century and to place them to Internet.

Our students from school N24 in the mini scene of rock opera 'Junos-Avos':

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