Irkutsk - Fort Ross

Summer Camp - Painters Contest

At the beginning of summer camping there was a contest of students pictures called "The Eye of Baikal".

Here are some of them.

1st Place

Artyom Rainikov, 15 years, Russia

2nd Place

    Anya Kuklina, 15 years, Russia

Jamie Barlow, 15 years, USA

3rd Place

Dennis Glatskov, 13 years, Russia Igor Vorobyev, 16 years, Russia
Misha Ternovoy, 16 years, Russia

Lisa Hudson, 17 years, USA

4th Place

Vova Emelyanov, 13 years, Russia Igor Vorobyev,16 years, Misha Ternovoy, 16 years, Russia Ivan Ternovoy, 13 years, Russia Jeremy Steven Guuld-Ginesi, 13 years, USA Yana Raguskina, 15 years, Dasha Sazonkina, 15 years, Russia

Out of Contest

Dima Golikov, 16 years, Alyosha Kib, 16 years, Russia

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