Irkutsk - Fort Ross

Elena Emelyanova

My name is Elena Emelyanova, and I am one of the organizers of "Irkutsk - Fort Ross" club. I live in Irkutsk, not far from the Lake Baikal. I was born in Siberia, and I like my own country very much. So I like to travel with pleasure. I used to be a hiker and traveled around Baikal on skis and on foot.

I teach computers at school and am busy with different programs for computing education. So I teach English Language at primary school. My hobby is: archaeology, ski and English.

I live with my husband, Valery, our son and daughter. Valery is a programmer and likes computers very much. He assists also me in the work in Internet (he is my own web-master). My son, Vladimir, is 12 years old. He is a pupil of 7th form and is a member of "Irkutsk - Fort Ross" club.After summer 1997 he has an experience in excavation and is very proud of it. My daughter, Olga, is 9 years old and is a pupil of 5th form. She likes her grandmother very much and helps her at home. Both of our children like English, computers, ski and animals so much.

I graduated from Irkutsk State University as a teacher of Physics in 1980. After that I worked as an engineer-astronomer at Science Research Institute of Physics-technical and Radio-physics Measurings in Irkutsk. My duties included astronomical observations and modeling of astronomical refraction with computer.

Since August 1989 to present I have been teaching at school. In 1992 I finished also the State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages. I am also a member of Irkutsk "Cup of Chat" English club (our president is well-known Maria Safonova). I have a legend of very romantic lady and the beginner writer. All of our members possess a good sense of humor and have a great desire to know English and never miss a chance to perfect it.

I am very happy to work closely with my colleagues from California in the Global Village project. My contribution in it, I think, is the creation of "Fort Ross" club in Irkutsk. Now our club is number about 50 members.

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