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03.07.2000, Monday
Day of Arrival

After a 5-hour trip we arrived at our camp which sitsat the edge of Shida Bay. Many of us were on the SmallSea for the first time. We greatly admired thelandscape and were surprised at the great variety of nature that we saw along the road. We watched thelandscape change from our bus windows from taiga tosteppe to taiga again. The camp is located on a bay.On the edge of the bayare low sloping mountains. A large wooden house, inwhich we would live for ten days, seemed to be at thecenter of a spherical space bordered by mountains,lake and sky.

When we arrived we first went to our rooms andunpacked our things. After that we took a look aroundthe camp. In the center of the camp was the canteen,where we were treated with a snack and later had oursupper. The first day we spent walking around ourcamp. We immediately fell in love with the transparentblue-color of the water of Baikal.The blue of the lakeand the blue of the horizon met each other amid therising of a mountain. We admired both the silence andthe special sound of the birds among our shouts andlaughter. After supper Larissa Sokolova (our psychologist) leadan evening of introductions. We were divided into 5teams. Each team had to make up a name and motto for itself. They were: " Danya in a raspberry ", " Hedgehogs in coach ", " Ecological force ", " Archaeologists-Narcologists ", " Busy Guys ". We shared what we had chosen. In doing so we had lots of fun and laughter. The first day we were overwhelmed by new sights and experiences. We fell asleep instantly when we reached our beds.

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