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The summer camp, "Fort Ross - 2000," is the first experience of children's club "Irkutsk - Fort Ross". Our camp became so as a participant L2K project - the project of mutual cooperation of summer camps.

From July 3 till July 13 participants of camp lived in a bay SHida, which is in a gulf Mukhor in area of the Small Sea of Lake Baikal in 300 kms from Irkutsk. The participants of our camp - children and adults from 8 till 60 years are the members of club "Irkutsk - Fort Ross ".

The task of the participants consists not only in having a rest in a perfect place of Baikal, but also to know more about these places, and then to make a web site and to tell about our life in camp and in what projects we were carried out.

Each day we were carried the different measures out, about which we can learn from the annals of our life. Besides we studied and were engaged in research work. With an archaeologist Nadezhda Kuklina we investigated the archaeological sites. It is possible to find the artifacts of stone, iron centuries and more ancient times without excavation.

The historian Vadim Shakherov and philologist Olga Shakherova told us about a history of settling of Baikal, about the Buryat legends and legends about the local names.

With geographer Olga Sedykh we have lead the whole ecological program on study of anthropogenous loading in area of a gulf Mukhor.

So we went on excursions: rose in mountains to a glacier; have visited Sarminskoe Gorge, a place where the wind Sarma arises most of terrible winds of Baikal, searched for a famous Kurykansky settlement. The Kurykanes were the people, living very long teme ago on coast of the Small Sea. Once Kurykanes had left these places, and till now historians do not know where...

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