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About the ANCIENT LIFE of the BURYAT

For a long time, the Buryat grandfathers told about an earlier life. In antiquity, they say, the Buryats so lived: they erected upright poles, as now found on tents during haymaking, first covered them with dry grass and leaves from top to bottom, and then pressed down same poles from above, so that the covering is not destroyed by wind, and the yurta was then ready. So the yurta looked outside, and they hung smoked skins of sheep, goat, horses all over the walls inside, so that it was warmer and more cosy. But most of all yurta was covered by special felt material (potnik), and was tied by lasso from horse hair around it. It was not cold to sleep in such yurtas, because the Buryats laid potniks under themselves, and were covered by many things, most of all by fur coats that were in a stock. The Buryats began to sew the blankets from sheepskin, when our Russian grandfathers had already appeared here. They saw the blankets of the Russians and began to sew them from sheepskin for themselves. And the Russians saw that those blankets from sheepskin were better, and they lasted for many years. That is why Russians began to sew the same for themselves. So Russians and Buryats studied each other.

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