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There is a terrible cave on an Olkhon Island. It is called Shamanskoy. Gegen-Burkhan, the terrible brother of Erlen-Khan, governor (the King of the Mongols) of an underground empire, lived there at one time. Both brothers induced horror on the inhabitants of island by their cruelty. Even the shamans were afraid of them, especially of Gegen-Burkhan. A lot of innocent people suffered because of him. Khan-Guta-Babay, a wise hermit, also lived in the same time and on the same island, on Mount Izhimej. He did not recognize Gegen-Burkhan, and did not want to know him. At night, it was possible to see his fire atop the mountain, as he cooked a ram for his dinner. There was no away to get to the mountain, it was considered unapproachable. The owner of Olkhon tried to subordinate the wise hermit, but he was refused. He sent his warriors many times, the mountain allowed no one up. Everyone who ventured to climb the mountain was killed, because huge stones fell down on the heads of the uninvited visitors. So everyone left Khan-Guta-Babay alone. It so happened that Gegen-Burkhan executed a woman's husband, who had looked disrespectfully at Gegen-Burkhan. The young woman was filled with sorrow. She felt a tremendous hatred for Gegen-Burkhan, and she began to think how tshe might relieve the native people from their severe owner. She decided to go to the mountain and to tell Khan-Guta-Babay about the cruel sufferings of the island's inhabitants. She hoped that he would intercede for them and punish Gegen-Burkhan. The young widow set off on her way. Surprising, where the dexterous warriors had failed, she climbed the mountain easily and freely. She reached the top of Mount Izhimej safely, and no stone fell on her head. After listening to the courageous woman, Khan-Guta-Babay told her: "It is good, I shall help you and your people. You go back and warn all the people about it." The woman was pleased, and she was lowered from Mount Izhimej and did everything the wise hermit told her to do. And Khan-Guta-Babay was lowered to the ground of Olkhon on a soft white cloud during a moonlit night. He pressed his ear close to the ground, and heard the groans of the innocent victims who had been killed by Gegen Burkhan. It is true that the ground of Olkhon is impregnated with their unfortunate blood! - Khan-Guta-Babay was indignant. Gegen-Burkhan will not be on the island. But you should help me. Let cup of ground of Olkhon will be painted in red colour then, when it will be necessary for me! In the morning he went to Shamanskaya Cave. Angry owner has left it and has asked the wise hermit: - "Why have you come to me?" Khan-Guta-Babay answered: -"I want you to leave the island." Gegen-Burkhan boiled with anger: "No, I will not go! I am the owner here! And I will deal with you!" "I am not afraid of you, " Khan-Guta-Babay said. He looked around and added: -"There is a force on you!" Gegen-Burkhan looked at the parties and sighed: "There are many people from this island who now stand in a dense wall So you want to decide our business by a fight!" cried Gegen-Burkhan. I did not speak it," Khan-Guta-Babay quietly said again. "Why should we spill blood? Let's have peace instead!"

Gegen-Burkhan with Khan-Guta-Babay struggled for a long time, however nobody could achieve victory - both appeared to be equal in their power. They agreed to decide their business the next day. They decided that they would each take a cup, fill it with earth, then put the cups between their legs. For whom the earth became red at night, that one must leave the island and must go to some other place, and for whom the earth does not change color, that one may remain to own the island. According to this arrangement, they sat together on felt in Shamanskaya Cave on the next evening. They put between their legs a wooden cup filled with earth, and layed down to sleep. Night came, and there also came the artful underground shadows of Erlen-Khan, to aid his severe brother. The shadows noticed that the earth was painted in the cup of Gegen-Burkhan. They immediately transferred this cup to the legs Khan-Guta-Babay, and his cup to the legs of Gegen-Burkhan. But the blood of killed people appeared more strongly than the shadows of Erlen-Khan, and when the bright beam of the morning sun filled in cave, the earth in the cup of Khan-Guta-Babay had died out, and the earth in the cup of Gegen-Burkhan was red. At that instant both of them woke up. Gegen-Burkhan looked at his cup and hardly sighed: "Well, you will be the owner of the island, " he tells Khan-Guta-Babay, "and it is necessary for me go oto some other place." And so he submitted the order to the Mongols to load their property on camels and to ready their yurtas. In the evening Gegen-Burkhan ordered all of them to sleep. At night the Mongols with their camels and all their property was quickly transferred to Baikal, picked up by the powerful shadows of Erlen-Khan. In the morning, they woke up already on that coast. But many poor Mongols have remained to live on the island. There were Olkhonsky Buryats occupying this island from that time on to the present day.

From the book , "Baikal - Lake of a Fairy Tale ", (N.I. Esipenok)

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