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Not all is the truth that is told in legends. The conversations went earlier that all was created by god. Some trusted that, and some did not trust. Most people did not trust those fairy tales. The priests became angry with it. Let's take our Olkhon, which is called an island. Where did it come from? It would have taken far too much force for a god to have lowered it from the sky. That means, it did not fall from the sky, but that it was created from nature.

When Baikal first appeared, all the places here were filled with water and there was no island. After millions of years passed, water was established, and the fish began to be found in Baikal, trees had grown, and the present life began here. After that the large winds began to blow on Baikal. They were so strong, that all Baikal, as in the boiler, began to boil. The waves brought stone and sand to the coast. But the stones were not brought to the coast by a wave, they were hooked from an underwater rock. The waves worked many years, they drove and drove stones and sand. And so the whole mountain, large, wide and long was deposited. Other waves washed that rock away and made it level. Olkhon Island was created from it. The old men speak, that Olkhon is higher or lower from year to year. It is because, that one sits on rock. When the rocks are washed away, the island sits slightly lower, and when a lot of water prop up the rocks, it rises a little. When the Buryats came to Olkhon, they could see how the island falls and rises. At first, they thought, that an evil force was at work here, but then they were assured, that all this depended on the wind. Don't trust the priests, that a god created the island in a week. About it speak those who does not want to think.

" The Baikal legends and legends ", folklore slip by L.E. Eliasov

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