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It has there for a very long time, that is many millions of years have passed since its creation. Maybe there were no humans in that time, and maybe there were.. But here is how they say the lake was created:

A large meteorite fell to earth, a rock much larger than the ones that fall today. The rock fell near Sayany. When it hit the ground, it was very hot, and it caused a torrential rain. Water flowed down a crack in the hot stone. The earth, stone, and water began to boil. The snow and ice began to melt. The water rose and became quite deep, entering the crack in the earth. The crack was made by the meteorite's impact. The water filtered down into the earth, boiled again, and rose up through the earth to the surface. The water flooded the land when it reached the surface, and that is how the lake began. I heard that the whole lake was created by that meteorite even at the top of Sayany.

But my grandfather said that Lake Baikal was created by a great bolt of lightning that cut into the earth releasing underground water. That water flooded the land, and became the sea we call Lake Baikal.

" The Baikal legends and legends ", folklore slip by L.E. Eliasov.

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